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2022 Healthcare Economics Summit

2022 Healthcare Economics Summit

August 9, 2022 @ 11:00 am – 5:00 pm America/Chicago Timezone
Concordia Center for Environmental Stewardship
12800 N Lake Shore Dr. Mequon
WI 53097

Wisconsin Healthcare Policy: Improving care by empowering at the physician-patient interface.

This year’s summit focuses on current issues in healthcare delivery that have potential to increase quality of care, decrease cost, consumerize healthcare (empower patients), and leverage current market and technology trends. Emphasis is on topics relevant to current or pending legislation, and include:

  • Direct primary care (DPC)
  • The role of insurance in a DPC world
  • Hospital price transparency, competition and costs; regulations; lawsuits; the RAND study
  • Medicare and Medicaid policy: connections to direct pay, HSAs, and market-driven healthcare
  • Drug costs; PBMs; Brown & white bagging
  • HealthTech: Telehealth, patient data and AI in healthcare

The format this year includes keynote presentations and panel discussions involving subject matter and policy experts with politicians from both parties. The event begins with networking and a lunch keynote. It is hoped that the summit will produce policy-relevant data, white papers, and model legislation.

Speakers include:

Gloria Sachdev, President and CEO, Employers’ Forum of Indiana; SAGE hospital price comparisons

Christopher Whaley from RAND (Invited)

Suzanne Gehl, MD, Practitioner perspective on DPC and DPC legislation in Wisconsin

Brian Williams, Legislative Dir., Benjamin Rush Institute, Legislative Update on Healthcare Delivery Policy

David Balat, Director, Right on Healthcare, Texas Public Policy Foundation

Ngan MacDonald, VP Healthcare Business Solutions, HealthLX, and Northwestern University )Invited), AI and data science in healthcare

Michael Haefetz, former WI Medicaid Director under Scott Walker, Medicare and Medcaid policy

And various state-level politicians

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