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Frequently Asked Questions About Membership

How does being a member benefit me?

CTSI provides a vast array of services to its members, including:

  • Access to educational, training, and career development programs;
  • Eligibility for local and national CTSA pilot grant funding opportunities;
  • Assistance defining, identifying, and navigating available resources that will guide the researcher from concept to publication;
  • Written letters of support when applying for research funding;
  • Access to mentoring programs.

What does CTSI expect in return?

CTSI does not charge for membership, but does expect support by:

  • Committing to the CTSI mission;
  • Acknowledging the CTSA when publishing manuscripts that have been supported in some way by CTSI;
  • Providing us with a PDF file and copy of the manuscript;
  • Collaborating and sharing your expertise with other CTSI members

NIH Funding Acknowledgment: Important Reminder – Please acknowledge the NIH when publishing papers, patents, projects, and presentations resulting from the use of CTSI resources by including the NIH Funding Acknowledgement.


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