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Participant & Clinical Interactions (PCI)

Participant & Clinical Interactions (PCI)

The Participant and Clinical Interactions (PCI) Program, commonly known as the TRUs (Translational Research Units), provides a coordinated structure to support collaborative multi- and inter-disciplinary Clinical and Translational research at MCW, its partner institutions, and in the community.

PCI has transformed existing hospital-based clinical research resources of adult medicine at Froedtert Hospital (A-TRU), pediatric and adolescent medicine at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin (P-TRU) and geriatric medicine at the Zablocki VA Medical Center (V-TRU) to support translational research, adding specialized and dedicated units and integrating these hospital-based units with underrepresented and minority clinics in the community (the Community TRU and the Mobile TRU). The goal of the PCI is to continue these efforts in establishing and furthering comprehensive and seamless support for collaborative research across institutions and hospitals in Southeast Wisconsin.

The goal of the TRUs is to provide clinical research infrastructure for medical scientists who conduct patient-oriented research. The TRUs can be used by investigators who are supported by the NIH or other peer-reviewed research funding agencies, or who have local support. Utilizing a cost-share model, all services provided are at a sharply reduced fee.


The specific aims of the PCI are to:

  • Transform the existing and new hospital-based clinical research resources to provide coordinated support for translational research through specialized dedicated but integrated units
  • Integrate the hospital-based TRUs with the community-based TRUs to enhance representation of underrepresented minorities in translational research
  • Expand services and locations of translational research support

About the TRUs

The Translational Research Units are outpatient clinics that are primarily a place to conduct research studies. We also support a variety of research that takes place throughout the clinics and other hospital spaces.

What do the Translational Research Units Offer?

What do the Translational Research Units Offer?


For research purposes that are not required for usual patient care, but are part of an investigational protocol may be staffed in part by nurses in the CTSI. This includes subject evaluation and monitoring, phlebotomy, and establishing and implementing a plan for general care.


Research facilities and trained research nursing for outpatient investigational procedures. CTSI clinical research is conducted in fully-equipped suites set up for investigational procedures. Special needs for conducting research elsewhere (e.g., ICU) may be met.

NIH Funding Acknowledgment: Important Reminder – Please acknowledge the NIH when publishing papers, patents, projects, and presentations resulting from the use of CTSI resources by including the NIH Funding Acknowledgement.


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